The 7 Steps to CRAZY WICKED Results

What is the TOP, I mean the ABSOLUTE #1 thing that businesses CAN NOT do without? Why is this SINGLE item the one and ONLY thing that is PROVEN in EVERY business to drive in WICKED OFF THE CHARTS RESULTS? Know what it is?


Call them customers, call them clients, call them the bill payers… Call them whatever you want but at the end of the day, what you have is a RELATIONSHIP.

I can see the look on the faces of my readers, NO this is not like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, it is a trusted provider/recurring buyer type of deal and you can NOT do business without creating A LOT of them!

So HOW do you do that, create A LOT of relationships?

  1. Authentic but POWERFUL message… One that cuts out all the crap and hype and just allows people to know WHO you are and WHO you serve so they can determine if this is worth the time to take a look at your OFFER.
  2. An OFFER! No ya goof! Don’t tell them about your products and services and how well tested and tried they are… BE REAL! Make them an offer to TRY based on a problem that your products or services solve or eliminate. And because I care, PLEASE make the OFFER about them, you’ll have plenty of time to tell them all about YOURSELF as you build a RELATIONSHIP.
  3. Visibility- BE EVERYWHERE your primary audience would be. Remember to follow numbers 1 & 2 as you develop your influence through being visible.
  4. Once they decide to take you for a TEST DRIVE, relax and provide unimaginable value in the offer they took you up on…EVEN if it was a FREEMIUM! VALUE, VALUE, VALUE AND THEN SOME MORE VALUE….
  5. Be strategic… I mean, come on, even if your product or service were better than AIR, go ahead and admit it now and get over it, NOT EVERYONE WANTS BETTER AIR! Not everyone is a RELATIONSHIP that has any value to YOU…
  6. KEEP RESEARCHING AND LEARNING! Relationships are a give and a take, if you quit being able to provide VALUE ie. SOLVE PROBLEMS then let’s be honest here…. THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP… You invest into your audience to provide value and they in return pay you top dollar for the solutions that your products or services CONTINUALLY SOLVE OR ELIMINATE… This is a two way street buddy!
  7. This is the BIGGEST and to me the MOST POWERFUL point to building these relationships. SERVE BOLDLY WITH GRATITUDE! Telling your audience “Thank You” with an invaluable FREEMIUM from time to time will actually INCREASE BUY’S WHICH INCREASES PROFITS…. At the end of the day, it is the value you provide and the GRATITUDE that you show that will keep them BUYING!

Now I know someone out there is saying, “but I don’t have the tools necessary to start building these relationships and providing value to my audience”… LIAR!

Have “smart phone”? Have a “computer”? Know where a Starbucks is for FREE wifi? #BAM! YOU GOT ALL YOU NEED!

End the stupid, silly little excuses now and go ahead and BE BOLD… Start telling your story to the world and see what the world has to say in response. “Imperfect Action” is PERFECTLY acceptable, it is ACTION!

I am Bryan Kiser, “World’s Greatest Connector and Front Man”, I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE to help as many of you as I can to build and have MORE of the RIGHT relationships. Surf’s UP! I am thankful for each and every wave and I pray daily that they keep coming and I keep LEARNING to surf the BETTER!

I LOVE being RELEVANT because I help others MATTER! Let me do what I do best, get into The Elite Business Performance Program! It will 10x your business, allowing you to successfully buy back your time and OWN YOUR LIFE!

It starts with this CALL


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