Don’t Get Tripped Up! The Never Ending Struggle for Work/Live Balance…

The unique balance between growing a business and serving your family can be tough and at times tricky. Here I give 3 suggestions to help you balance your time and be successful at both.


  • Be Present! – If it is “family time”, then MAKE IT FAMILY TIME – leave your devices on MUTE and enjoy the few precious moments that will make memories that will last beyond a lifetime. On the other hand, make sure you have shared your vision of business growth with your family so they know and understand that when it is “work time” it truly is WORK TIME and you are giving 110% to making it happen!
  • Share – Sorry, your clients like to see you are a “real” person. Share certain general aspects of your “family” moments with your audience, make them feel a part of you and your journey through life. It does make a difference.
  • Plan – The hardest part of keeping a balance or harmony with family and business is not having a functional plan. Listen to me, a functional plan is flexible and incorporates family time and goals into the agenda. This is a MUST if you are truly wanting to maintain balance. I strongly suggest using PLANNER PRO to keep your tasks and calendar events where you can review daily and manage appointments. Why is this important? Because using a calendar is key to being successful, agreed? Being able to see what TASKS must get done that day is equally important, yes? So by utilizing a tool that will show both simultaneously you can better plan and accommodate the rigors of your clients needs and your family’s schedule and manage the time wisely.


Keeping a balance is crucial to being successful. Building a business is tough, but you don’t have to do it alone and you certainly will not get any enjoyment out of your business successes if you destroy your family. Trust me, I know.

I am Bryan Kiser, I live to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and SERVE those who pursue success and happiness. Surf is kicking, I am grabbing my board and paddling out! Go get PLANNER PRO and organize your life so you actually have a LIFE!

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