Where HEROES Emerge and LEADERS are Forged

Catastrophe, crisis, turmoil and struggle… It appears that in the seemingly endless saga of the USA Gymnastics scandal, the Executive leadership, in another effort to cover their asses, are now trying to supersede the very By-Laws on which the organization is founded by dictating who can and can’t be a member of the newly voted in members of the Board of Directors.  

Be it both concerning and alarming, this type of behavior is to be expected… I mean look at the deep ditch of issues this leadership team has gotten us into – abuse, sexual misconduct, sexual misconduct cover up, perceived “hush” money secretive pay-offs and the list goes on…  

My friend James Arthur Ray, New York Times Best Selling Author and Personal Development Guru, reminds us that “it is IN the struggle, that time of catastrophe, turmoil and crisis, that GREATNESS is found.” Keep up with me here…  

As a long-time member of USA Gymnastics and a person who is not yet willing to say we need to just scrap sixty plus some odd years of work because of a few idiots, I do know that it’s time WE, the Membership, CHANGE THE NARRATIVE AND TURN THE PAGE.    

In my last blog post, “The Cold Hard Truth” I eluded to the fact that it was TIME, TIME FOR A HERO TO RISE FROM AMONGST US. It’s time for the old guard to graciously step aside (like how I through in the same lingo they used when LYING about Kevin White “stepping down”… HE NEVER DID!) and the new to emerge from this disaster and take the reins…  

I am not sure WHO will emerge, but what I do know is that those same minds that have been bouncing in and out of the leadership, committees and Boards of the old guard, are NOT the people to lead us out of this mess and get us back to viability.  

“In the STRUGGLE greatness will be found,” OUR struggle now will give us all a new focus, grand vision and new goals that will be led by someone who can UNITE us, the USA Gymnastics Membership, and carry forth the banner for the Gymnastics community bringing us not a retooling of the old, but a total new beginning.  

Leaders like this are not born, they are not hidden from view somewhere secretive so that with a moment’s notice they can spring to life and become overnight successes. Oh no, these folks have been forged in fire, so to speak, they have put in their time, paid their dues and as we will shortly see them emerge from the smoke and ash of devastation, they bring new life, energy and a vision so grand that even the most skeptical will raise an eyebrow and rally to the call.   

As a community we have A LOT of greatness to share with the world around us about a sport that has and does to this day bring so much joy and personal achievement. The narrative of scandal, abuse and cover up MUST CHANGEThe negativity MUST END! It’s time to start that new chapter to OUR STORY and to accomplish this I offer to you that the OLD GUARD, ALL OF THEM – EVERY SINGLE EXECUTIVE AT USA GYMNASTICS, must step down, resign and take whatever consequences their piss poor decisions bring.  

Mark my words, A HERO will emerge and a new LEADER will bring forth new leadership and forge a new vision, set a new course and put all of the scandal, misdirection and greed far, far, far behind us. Who will it be? How will we know them? “In the STRUGGLE greatness is found”  sometimes you need not look too hard, the answers are often right in front of your eyes….  

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD by helping those around me become better at what they do and who they are. Life’s waves of OPPORTUNITY are pounding at your door, why don’t you go open it?  


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