What it Truly Takes to WIN

As the  Winter Olympic Games quickly approach, I have had a large number of people ask me how these athletes get to be such “high achievers”? How they can keep their life, their training and the necessary benchmarks to achieving their goal of the Olympic Games all in check and in balance?
After being asked so many times I got the clue, there are MANY of you out there that would like to know the answer and also get my advice on how to use the answer in YOUR lives and businesses. OK, OK, OK… it took me a minute but I got it! Here is the answer.
1. These athletes are “high performers” not simply “high achievers”. – It is a proven fact that how you do one thing is how you do everything – think about it, undeniable truth… Almost all of the “high achievers” I have met and have worked with have one fatal flaw – they focus so hard on over achieving at EVERYTHING, they end up actually achieving very little to nothing that progressed them toward or to their goal.
Don’t be confused, high performers are high achievers, the difference is they OWN clarity around their purpose and goal to the point where they ONLY focus on over achieving in the areas and with the tasks that will dramatically progress them toward and to their goal. The rest is semantical details that have been deemed lesser in importance or irrelevant to achieving the goal and or dominating their craft.
Are you following?
2. They are OBSESSED by their ONE thing. – True statement. And yes, obsessed is a very strong word, but it is the truth. These athletes DO NOT, WILL NOT AND WOULD NOT EVER try to dominate in multiple sports simultaneously. Before you start spouting off, think about that for a second. I said “multiple sports” NOT “multiple events” within a sport. Come on, KEEP UP!
3. This is probably the MOST important point, so WRITE IT DOWN! All of these athletes have chosen a COACH that they have stuck with and committed to all of that COACHES techniques, training and plans (This is the part you need to pay attention too and write down) WITHOUT QUESTION, WITHOUT WAVERING AND WITH 200% EFFORT AND FOCUS on the training and plans.
None, NOT ONE, of these athletes got even to the trials by luck or happenstance. It has been YEARS in the works. They chose a COACH and program that they felt comfortable with, the submitted to the work and they intentionally did whatever it took to over achieve in the moments where it truly counted.
Now that you have my three part answer, ask yourself which type are you? “High performer or high achiever?” Have you researched to find the coach and platform that fits you and committed to truly doing the work? Be honest, most of you reading this are finding yourselves in the EXACT same miserable place year after year after year. Isn’t it time you made a change and became a WINNER in your life and business by getting the results necessary to honestly say you own a business and not a job and you live the life you love?
“Building a business is TOUGH, you don’t have too and you shouldn’t, do it alone” -Mike Calderwood, Calderwood Coaching-
Mike says this a lot and it is absolutely true. However it is absolutely true when you change the phrase – ” building a business” to ____________ (you fill in the blank). Want to become an Olympian, it’s true. Want to make it to play in the NFL, or maybe you play in the NFL and want to make a Super Bowl… it’s true. Perhaps you just want to live a comfortable “good life” by your own definition… still true. “It’s tough, it’s going to take dedication, perseverance and HARD WORK, but you don’t and shouldn’t do it alone…” find a coach or a mentor. Then make the commitment and DO THE WORK!
I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD using my expertise and experience to help as many people as I can to be better now than they were a minute ago and even better tomorrow than they are today. The sets of life’s waves of opportunity are coming in clean and big…. gotta go!

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