Don’t Neglect the Basics

basics6To often in sports, when an athlete gets past a certain level we as coaches tend to back off on the training of basics. Training time is precious, with developmental athletes you are limited as to how many hours they can put in, you want and need them to stay healthy. So with ever tightening schedules, a growing “social” society that brings with it way to many distractions, how do you manage to keep building on necessary upper level skills while not neglecting the basics?
My inbox in going to fill up when I list these out. However, I want you to know that I am open to other solutions, these are just ones that I have found that  are an almost sure bet, if followed, reviewed and managed properly. Plus, they work, even in this crazy world filled with almost unlimited numbers of distractions and ever tightening schedules. If you have some additions or something that works for you, DO SHARE! All of us want to improve.
  1. basics3Make sure that “basics” are in the PLAN – By planning and scheduling every aspect of a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly training sessions you stand a way better chance of goals being met and important things, like basics, not falling through the cracks.
  2. basics4Make it about “long term goals, not short term achievements” – Unfortunately, there just is not enough time to do it all. So when doing your planning and scheduling, it honestly comes down to what your “NOT” going to to in a training session vs. what you need to do in a training session. This is where being a “student of your sport” really plays an important role. Knowledge is powerful when you can put it into practice. Knowing and understand what you are “NOT” going to get done in specific training sessions so you can focus attention to keep on the long term goal is critical to success of the athletes you are developing. Many young coaches get caught in the game of “short term achievements” and fall short of reaching or accomplishing the long term goal.
  3. basics1Get buy in to the schedule and the plan! – If you have been coaching for any length of time you have found that it is impossible to train an athlete that doesn’t show up to practice. Attendance is key when looking to achieving both long and short term goals. If you don’t have buy in from both the athlete, who must efficiently stay on top of life’s necessities, like school, and the parent, who has to commit to getting their athlete to the gym… You will fall well short of the accomplishments that athlete could possibly achieve if they were consistently in attendance come practice time. All the athletes we have will not make or even be in contention for an Olympic or World team, but that doesn’t mean that they can not excel, achieve and learn how to obtain successes for the rest of their life through a process of incremental gains. This is only found when you commit and SHOW UP to do the work!
basics2To truly get an athlete to the upper Elite levels, it’s imperative that you do not neglect the basics. No matter what sport you are coaching, it is the ability to master the basics and build on them that makes a champion and separates them from the others. In order to make that happen, it is going to take some intentional work on your part to plan and schedule properly, knowing what you are and are not going to do in your training sessions and keeping your eye on that long term goal and letting the short term achievements come as they come.
I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD using my expertise and experience to help as many people as I can to be better now than they were a minute ago and even better tomorrow than they are today. The sets of life’s waves of opportunity are coming in clean and big…. gotta go!

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