BE FOUND! Your Success Depends on This

Due to the size of the equipment and the amount of space needed to use the equipment, many gymnastics facilities have historically started out or even built into great businesses in a “warehouse” or “commercial use” space. Let’s face it, it’s not everyday that a K-Mart or alike goes out of business leaving their space for rent at a decent rate so a gymnastics school can be put in. So, we are left utilizing commercial or warehouse space which often time is off the beaten path and not as easy to spot as space right off the main drag.
befound2Knowing this, it is really important to continually look at ways that you can make it super easy for people to FIND you. In today’s “smart phone” environment, we are spoiled by Siri, Alexa, or Cortana locating and guiding us to where we want to go to get what we’d like to have. This holds true for anything from electronics to vitamins to sporting activities for the kiddos. So I challenge you, list 3 ways that you have optimized so you can BE FOUND.
Knowing this industry like I do, I am going to bet that most of you will put down – website, Facebook and Instagram… However, I am going to sorely disappoint you and seriously upset you… Ready?
strength48With well over 72 local online directories that are driven by ever changing analytics from one or more of the major search engines, even if you are the most active, engaging and popular online resource for your audience, you are only growing that audience by good old fashion word of mouth via social share or liked posts, which is fine if you like slow growth. I’d be willing to bet that if you used Siri, Alexa, Cortana or alike, you would not pop-up as a “gymnastics school near you” even if you were one of these folks that follow you. Sad, yes! Sadder even is to find out that the Karate or Swim joint 2 miles from you comes up FOR YOUR SERVICE and you don’t!
What you will also most likely find is that your “audience” that is so engaged with you is all inter-related to people in your programs and very few new or current followers follow you because they liked your content. They followed you to see what little Suzie or Joey was doing in the his gym class!
befound1The first thing that needs to happen so you can grow your business, especially if you are one of the ones that have found space in the commercial or warehouse district, is BE FOUND. You do this by getting with people like Ultimate Growth Solutions and allowing them to build out and up keep/maintain all of your social directory profiles so that they always up-to-date and meet the analytic guidelines, that are and will be forever changing, by the major search engines. These engines include now Facebook and YouTube as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others…
Simple. Affordable. Profitable. Don’t sit back and wait to BE FOUND, let the pro’s handle it while you stay focused on what matters – Growing a great business by providing excellent services of athletic development through the sport of gymnastics. I mean, that is what you love, isn’t it?
I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD using my expertise and experience to help as many people as I can to be better now than they were a minute ago and even better tomorrow than they are today. The sets of life’s waves of opportunity are coming in clean and big…. gotta go!

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