Getting This 1 Thing Right & Skyrocket Your Business

Running any type of business can be a headache. Let’s be honest, even with the best, most qualified people under your leadership, direction and employment the challenges seem almost endless. However, when we sit back and look at those three specific areas – leadership, direction and employment – what we might find is the greatest most challenging issue you have in your business is YOU. strength52
In working with many of the top personal development gurus in the world, it amazed me that all of them, without fail, use a distinct and proven personality profile test or profiling tool to identify how you, or anyone else, would fit into their organization and how you, or others, would be a fit to work with them personally. This is so important. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a personal development seminar or go through a self guided personal development/business development course one of the very first items on the agenda is identifying “who” YOU are. Finding out “who” YOU are, going deeper and way beyond the business owner, employer, coach, friend, father, husband, church or non-church goer etc. REALLY is the key to successfully developing the values that will govern all of your leadership, direction and employment decisions.
Interestingly enough, and you might be surprised by this, but most people don’t know “who” they are. They have hidden themselves in their career, industry, marriage, kids or some other facet of life where they can morph or hideaway from the real person that they are. In fact, most people fear even finding out who they truly are and that fear holds them back and keeps them from fully living life and being as  successful as they should be.
Why do I write this?
Getting this 1 thing right can be the catalyst, the spark if you will, that is needed to take all of those seemingly endless challenges that you face in your business AWAY and allow you to re-organize, re-work, re-visit your personal leadership, direction and who you employ to make sure you have the right people in the right seat on the bus.

Take your TIME, make the right move!
Many times, especially in the gym business, we hire in a rush. The business takes off in a new semester/new season and we need to find additional help. So we put out the normal feelers and take the first few that come through the door with a certain amount of experience and or past resume. This often solves the immediate need, but in many instances it leads to new and unwanted challenges because we didn’t take the time to make sure this new person’s personality and character would be a good “long term fit” into our existing organization.
What ends up happening is we get an entire staff of “personalities” that have their own agendas, their own expectations, and dump all of these onto the other staff creating a huge, almost endless, challenge to keep everyone happy and rowing toward achieving the vision you have for your business. Often times, and I have done this more than once, many of these folks you hire in a hurry are in over their head in the position you needed to fill. This causes them to “act a fool”, which in the end is YOUR FAULT, due to the simple fact you should have never hired THEM for THAT job.
Leader of the Pack
Get to KNOW who YOU are!

You are the key catalyst and energy factor in your business, getting this 1 thing right for your business will allow you to also get it right for your personal life too! We all know people who just seem to have the best lives. Yes, some are just plain phonies, but we all know one or two that are legitimately happy. They have legitimately happy wives, husbands, kids… They seem to have it put together. I’d be willing to bet it is because they figured out this 1 thing! THEY KNOW WHO “THEY” ARE!

Once you know this, it defines your leadership style, it identifies how you will direct and mentor others, and it will, if you allow the process to work for you without getting in a hurry, to find, identify and employ the right people. The people that are “like” minded, have a similar drive and live similar core values that compliment yours, your organization, and in turn will help you rapidly grow your business and your brand. Best of all, these “right people” will help elevate stress not only from you but from your entire operation, organization and business. This 1 thing will allow you to focus on REAL challenges so you can make REAL progress and allow you to earn REAL profit doing what you love to do. strength50
I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD using my expertise and experience to help as many people as I can to be better now than they were a minute ago and even better tomorrow than they are today. The sets of life’s waves of opportunity are coming in clean and big…. gotta go!

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