3 Things for a Successful Gym Business

Whether you have a gymnastics, dance, yoga, cheer, karate do-jo, or just a normal fitness/health and wellness gym; there are three undeniably true basics you will need to have in place to make it a success. Being a part of this industry in various roles for the last thirty-one years has proven to me that these are undeniably true and I am happy to be sharing them with you here.
To make this more fun, I am going to go in reverse order and start off with #3… What do you say we get on with it?
#3. A clear and well defined career path for both part time and full time staff. You will be surprised how many people in the gym business struggle with truly understanding this concept. It’s not hard, it just takes time to learn and understand what “staff” are looking for beyond a paycheck. Of course as a gym/business owner you are looking for knowledgeable, consistent and reliable staff to instruct, inspire, educate and serve your clientele. Funniest part to me is when the gym owner is miffed by the high rate of turn over they have and or the inability to hire really high level talent. Let’s face it, the paycheck is important. However, having a clearly defined career path that will enable that staff person to learn, grow and increase their stake so to speak in the business in an invaluable asset that far to many in the gym business just haven’t taken the time to not only figure out but to define for their business.
#2. A functional “operations” plan that clearly states processes, procedures and expectations. You thought having a career path for your employees was a powerful formula for success, that only works if you have and can get buy in from that staff on expectations of each role within the business. For example, expecting your part time gymnastics instructor to know and understand how to register participants. First off, BAD IDEA! In my experience the part time “instructor” should NEVER be registering anyone – inevitably they will always screws it up and you loose money in one area of another. When it comes to operations, hire staff for specific roles within the business and DO NOT mix them or have expectations that they will become experts in multiple roles. What I have found is that even the most capable people are really only good at one thing, figure out what that is and help them, by a clearly defined career path, to become an expert in that one thing!
#1. Make sure that the people wanting your services can FIND your services! The single biggest failure in the gym business, in my experience and opinion – spending bukoo bucks on all kinds of websites, traditional marketing, and alike to not only find that what you were sold/bought is not working, it’s not even close to right for your business or the clients you are trying to attract. OUCH!
Many of you know that I have been in and work with many very good people in the online marketing space. Over the years of both trying and learning, I have helped many people make a lot of money and I have had many clients that have made ZERO money with their marketing. What I learned is this, if you do not have the first two items I listed above done, in place and working… don’t waste your time or your money marketing.
No matter if it was a traditional or an online marketing campaign I helped people with, the ones that had, maintained, and even grew substantially by spending the money to market their business, were only as successful with the marketing as they were with growing their businesses without it. At first this makes NO SENSE, but let me explain a bit further…
Three undeniable things any business needs
can we agree?
So if once you are found by a prospect and they come to “check out your offering” they see a piss poor operation that is disorganized with poorly informed, un-empowered, sloppy staff that are functioning in a multitude of roles like the “instructor” and the “receptionist”… GOOD-BYE, that prospect is onto your competitor! No amount of marketing can change or overcome this PERIOD!
Keep this truth close to your heart when you get serious about growing your business – “Marketing is what you say about you, Branding is what others are saying about you.”  What kind of “brand” are you putting on the floor? See the marketing will let them know you exist, it is the product on the floor – what they see and perceive, is what is going to sell the service and get you referred. Hence making your “marketing” work for your marketing efforts.
Now, go get started GROWING your business! I recommend starting with #3…
I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD using my expertise and experience to help as many people as I can to be better now than they were a minute ago and even better tomorrow than they are today. The sets of life’s waves of opportunity are coming in clean and big…. gotta go!

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