Compulsory Strength Part 2 – Putting the Exercises into the Plan

Getting the methodology and mindset right is key for me when I am putting together any type of plan or training program. I always try to start with my “end goal or result” and reverse engineer my plan to dictate how I can best achieve both the benchmarks along the way as well as the over arching goal or end result.
In Part 1, I gave the “5 Fundamentals for Building a Compulsory Boys Gymnastics Strength Program”, which did exactly what I said I liked to do in my introduction to this second part, gave a clear outline of the methodology and mindset in which I recommend starting with as you start building your own strength plan for your compulsory program. If you haven’t read that piece, please go back to my LinkedIn profile and take a look –
In this part I am actually going to give (3) complete strength programs and I will add them in order from basic, building to intermediate, and then continuing on to advanced. Keep in mind when I used these I was “reverse engineering” my end goal or result of getting the guys to have a well developed musculature foundation, be physically fit, confident and strong for competition and  I needed to make sure that the plan maintain the balance between fun and my end goals for my program.
Below are three examples that I would suggest and recommend as a good starting point for trying to make the strength segment of practice “fun”, I am certain that as you develop your plans and your program there will be many, many, many other ways that come up to keep the strength work fun, engaging and productive. Here are three of my favorites… strength8
Bryan’s 3 Ways to Making Strength Workout Fun
  1. Pick one of the exercises each week and “score” it, then post it on “Team Board”
  2. Do the strength list for time and give a reward like tramp or pit time
  3. Pick a skill in the strength and create a separate challenge with a reward like tramp or pit time
As I said, you will probably come up with, if you don’t already have, multiple other ways to make the strength fun, engaging and productive. These are just three that I have used and had success with in the past.
As for the circle work, you will see that I have circles, on various apparatus – mushroom, floor mushroom, floor horse, horse without pommels etc, in each of the plans. So far I have not found or truly seen a way to train “circle strength” except by actually doing circles. In Part 1 of this series I pointed out that the plan for your program had to include “skill specific strength necessary for the JO competitive program” for it truly to give the results I know you are looking for. Due to the fact that I know no other way to build circle strength, I know how to physically prepare and develop the musculature necessary for performing the circle but not anything that I have found or thought of works better, I include a form and specific number of circles in everyone of my plans.
Please enjoy these plans, use them as a guide to help direct you in developing your own plans. Each of these is meant to be worked at for 3-4 weeks max. If you use them and cycle them through, these could be use almost all year round, but it is my hope you will use them and then work on studying and developing your own plans based on the specific needs and goals of your program.
Plan 1
  1. 25 push ups
  2. 15 kick to handstands
  3. 25 “chicken” dips
  4. 10 dips
  5. 15 “kipping” pullups
  6. 40 H.S. shoulder touches
  7. 10 standing straddle press H.S.
  8. 20 circles on mushroom or floor mushroom
  9. 10 fast tucked pullovers
Plan 2
  1. 10 Pull-ups on Rings
  2. 20 Stahl bar leg lifts
  3. 2 Handstand FX walks – down & back = 1
  4. 6 Front limbers (can use wall for assistance)
  5. 6 Back limbers (can use wall for assistance)
  6. 25 Mushroom push ups
  7. 20 Mushroom jump ups
  8. 35 Fast “V” ups
  9. 25 Floor horse loops
  10. 10 Floor horse back loops
Plan 3
  1. 6 Muscle ups
  2. 15 Dips
  3. 25 Mushroom circles
  4. 15 Floor Horse back loops
  5. 20 Piked push-ups w/feet on mushroom top
  6. 6 H.S. Push-ups
  7. 10 Fast piked pullovers
  8. 10 Undergrip cast H.S. on low single rail
  9. 2 passes of Lunge walks – Vault runway – down & back = 1
  10. 6 Straddle L hold 3 seconds press to H.S.
Be on the lookout for Part 3 “Variety is the Spice of Strength”!
Until then, I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD using my expertise and experience to help as many people as I can to be better now than they were a minute ago and even better tomorrow than they are today. Life’s waves of opportunity are kickin’, so I am gonna go surf’em! See ya…

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