What Brings Us to Our Knees Also Makes Us Better, Stronger, GREATER!

“It is in the struggle that true greatness is found.” -James Arthur Ray-

As we look around us at this time of deep dark tragedy from all of the devastation caused by the fury of Hurricane Harvey, this system came ashore in the Rockport, Portland, Corpus Christi Texas area and wreaked havoc and destruction all the way up the coast of Texas through the Houston Metroplex, through Beaumont and into Louisiana. The amazing pictures, stories and acts of heroism are almost limitless. The death, destruction and devastation are of near biblical proportion causing strangers to become best friends and families to bond like never before.

With all that has been taken from us, with all of the emotions and tensions running at all time highs how is it even fathomable that any hint of “greatness” can rise from such a tragedy?

harveypic10For many it will take many weeks, months or maybe even years to have the ability to look at this situation and allow themselves to see and take hold of the opportunity to become great. It is in that permission that only we can grant ourselves, that you can grow, open your mind, open your heart… your soul and become more than just a person handed an tough road to haul. For those who are listening, for those who are opening themselves to humility, to self sacrifice, to danger and yes to those even having to look into the very face of death… you will see the hard road to haul is the road you have been being prepared for all these days, months and yes years prior to this day. Greatness is not something you are waiting for! It’s not something that will present itself at some unusual time or come disguised in a present box. No greatness is something each one of those who are willing to give that permission to themselves and allow their minds to open, to take hold, damned it man YOU ARE IT LIVING IT NOW!… Yes, today in the midst of all this devastation, destruction and death, you are living greatness. You are becoming more… More of who you should be. More of who you have always wanted to be. More of what everyone around you always knew you would be… someday. That day IS today.

When all this has passed, when all of the flood waters have receded, the skies have cleared and the wind has died down, who will you be then? Not the person you were before. What will you do with the lessons learned from living the struggle and defining your greatness? Will you let it go, will you try to build on it?harveypic1

One thing is for sure, life will go on. The cities will be rebuilt, the houses, furniture, cars, etc replaced and life will resume back into a monotonous routine of mundane habits. Will you cave and submit to being less than you’ve become today, or will you finally take life by the tail and continue to live the greatness this struggle has provided you to see? Funny part is that it really boils down to one powerful and intentional focal point… A DECISION. That decision, now that belongs to each of us to face and answer to. No you are not alone in what life has dealt each of us that has lived the tragic devastation of this catastrophic event, however we all individually, whether we have opened ourselves to growth or closed our minds off, darkened our souls and condemned ourselves to mediocrity and excuses, have to make a DECISION. A decision to continue growing, learning, living and loving as if today was that last day…

harveypic5You’re not stuck. You own the opportunity. Your past failures have brought you to this day, what will you do with it? What will our nation do with it? Will we go back to the seemingly endless fight over who was right and who was wrong a hundred years ago or will we get back focusing on what just made us all great today. Can we continue focusing on who we have become as a nation during a time of devastation and struggle or will we once again cave into what we were all on the path to becoming due to a minority of folks that have chosen hatred, darkness and mediocrity.harveypic8

Like I said, it all comes down to a DECISION. The choice is ours, I just hope we all make the right one!

I am Bryan Kiser, I live BOLD, without LIMITATIONS and without REGRETS… One positive of a hurricane, the waves are badass! Gotta surf… later!


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