People, Say It Isn’t So…

Over the last two years, I have visited with probably 200+ business owners and startup entrepreneurs. In our discussions what I have found is that they all KNOW they need help and they WELCOME it. However most of them have sought it before and have been burned…

In looking over the landscape of today’s marketplace it seems that we are flooded with “experts” or I should say people that have declared themselves an “expert”, to the point that many of the above mentioned business owners have grown weary looking for help and are constantly asking, “Where do I start…???”

I came up with 3 simple areas and a ‘Starting point” that the majority of business owners are looking for:

  • Viral Visibility – Attraction and Lead Generation (build a list)
  • Rapid Growth – Processes & Systems to provide higher conversion rates
  • Results Driven Process AutomationTargeted campaigns

Does this sound like you?

For me, looking at this situation from experience, it wasn’t hard for me to identify that MOST of the failings to deliver on improving these 3 areas by these “experts” (ie Coaches/Consultants) in the market could be contributed to three specific issues.

  1. Blowing the Easy, Low Cost/No Cost Starting Point – I submit that many of these experts or coaches, try to sell themselves way too soon. In my opinion and based on the 200 or so conversations with various business owners and startup entrepreneurs, it wasn’t that what the expert was offering was “bad” or even “wrong” for them. What it boiled down to was that the expert didn’t give enough value upfront, didn’t provide a clearly defined path that the prospect/business owner could follow and because of the lack in clarity to that prospective client, there was confusion in the WHY the prospect should use them. Now in my conversations MOST of these business owners said very openly that they felt the coach probably would have been capable of helping them reach the next level, but due to the lack of clarity, and I will use the exact words of several of these business owners, the coach or expert “lacked proving they had the necessary experience…” so in the end it just sounded like a sales pitch.
  2. Failing to provide an applicable “Best Next Step” Offer –  A good offer will instantly over deliver on value in the customers mind, if positioned and packaged right. (You did catch the key part of that sentence, right? “…in the customers mind”) If you can’t visually and verbally take a prospect on a “journey to success”, by drawing out of them, as well as showing them, EXACTLY what together you have identified as a “need to do, create and become a master of” in your Low Cost/No Cost starting point session… How do you expect them to see any value or expertise in a REAL offer, or have a WANT to move forward with you?
  3. And…What’s Next? – Sorry folks! “You brought’em, You train’em!” Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, likes to feel “had”. If you take someone on that “journey to success” you BETTER be capable of providing a PLAN and implementation process for them that includes the the areas you and that prospect identified in the session… IF, you can NOT provide them with that, do yourself, and all of us that make a living in this expert space, a favor and DON’T START THE JOURNEY!

As “The 10xCoach”, I along with the rest of the team here at Growth Coaching Systems, have simplified our process of nurturing prospects and on-boarding new clients to 3 simple steps that provides exceptional value and guidance from start to finish… our journey to success with everyone begins with a conversation over a cup of coffee…

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! YES… I am PROUD to announce, I AM COACHING! (Right now though, the waves are really kickin’, I have to run…)

To schedule time for “coffee” with Bryan, either in person or over a Skype Call, CLICK HERE


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